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This page describes the legal conditions applicable to all Internet users who access this web site. Your visit to this Web site has been accepted and is subject to these conditions without reservation. We advise you to consult these conditions regularly, they may be modified without prior notice.

funringring.info is intended for the distribution of mp3s for promotional purposes and is contrary to piracy and reprueba of any illicit behavior and contrario to the loss of intellectual property or other illegal behavior.

The user commits himself to have adecuado and legal use of the web site and its contents, of conformity with the applicable Legislación, el presents notice, the moral and good costsumbres generally accepted and the public order. In this way, the user must refrain from using unauthorized or fraudulent website and/or content with fine or illicit effects, as well as introducing or spreading the red computer virus or any other physical or logical systems that Sean likely to cause damage to the physical or logical systems on the page, their sources or other sources.

In this case, it is considered opportune or the sea is requested by judicial or administrative order, funringring.info, will eliminate links to web pages or archives that violate legality.

This page is a free and private character. Because access to the device may be restricted, we reserve the right to admit and therefore we are responsible for any malfunctions or failures in access or viewing of the page.

All the information received is destined for the effective collection of the receipts received in article 31 RD/1/1996 by which the text refunded by the Ley of Intellectual Property (LPI) in special reference to article 31.2 LPI, including agreement with the expression in article 100.2 of this misma ley.

All archives (mp3s, images and videos) from this web site are exclusively available on public Internet sites, because this material is considered free distribution. In any legal article it is mentioned the prohibition of free material on which this page does not infringe in any case the law.

In any case, this page contains piracy, but moreover, it is rechaza frontally.

If you claim to use this web and its material as the epicenter of your illicit and illegal acts, you are mistaken, and all the wrong acts will be held responsible for you and in any case of the WebMasters.

We reserve the right to veto any entry subject to our website and we reserve the right to prohibit the use of any program and/or information, in accordance with the author’s permissions provided for in Article 14 LPI.

If in your country this type of page is prohibited, you alone are guilty of this. If you cannot download archives (mp3, images and videos) or enter them.

The creator of funringring.info and ISP(s) that supports any content in this site is not responsible for the way we use the information provided in this site. These archives and any items in this situation are aquired for private proposals only! If you are affiliated with any pirate, or any Counter-Piracy group or any other related group or has formally worked with someone you cannot access this Web site, you cannot access any of your archives and you cannot access any of your archives. del HTML, del PHP, o que lesquier otroarchivo situado en este servidor. All objects are in this location with their private characteristics and are not significant for the vision or any other suggestions that you hear in the space of the band’s connection. If you do not use these terminals before you specify them, this is the code 431.322.122 of the Internet access act, which means that you cannot bring a new ISP(s) or any company of the person who has these archives, you cannot search for an affiliated person on this page that includes family, friends, or individuals who work on this website.

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